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Test Analyst at IBM, Getskills helped me to kick start my career in Software testing in New Zealand to get my dream job as a Test analyst.

Its a great honour for me to share my story on Getskills portal. After coming here in New Zealand I got busy settling here with my family that has two little kids, after that i couldnt persue my carrer in IT. After couple of years in NZ, I got a chance to meet Yadwinder Sharma and shared my dream of being entered into IT again after a long gap, He suggested me to start my career again with new challanges and goals. He advised me to Join the online portal for 99tests Ltd (A Community of thousands of Testers from all over the globe). Today I am a level 7 tester on 99tets. In the mean time I also joined Getskills to obtain my ISTQB certification. Getskills staff is very experienced and co-operative and helped me to develope my skills and confidence in Software Testing.Getskills focuses on the key areas which are very helpful in securing job in IT industries. It's not done yet. After I had gained my certification, I got hands on experience on Automation tools in a couple of projects like Seocare (India), Chelmer (Software development Company in NZ) through Getskills. Here we got a chance to use different testing and integration tools along with implemention of framework, It was an awesome Experience to work in a team from different time zones as some of team members were working from India as well. Thanks to Getskills for providing me with such a great platform to polish up my skills and gain lots of experience in this field. During my Chelmer project I also got a chance to teach automation to the batches of new students from Getskills. In the mean time I started getting calls from different recuiriters and finally I got a chance to work with IBM as a Test Analyst. I am very happy to get my dream job. I will highly recommend Getskills to every one who wants to kick start their career in software testing. Good Luck and happy testing with Getskills. Cheers Reena

Learning Trace

Course Name Description Price
Testing Couse fff 20.00
ISTQB Software Testing Fundamentals 230.00
ISTQB Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle 230.00
ISTQB Static Techniques in the Test Process 230.00
ISTQB Test Design Techniques 230.00
ISTQB Test Management 230.00
ISTQB Tool Support for Testing 230.00
Practical Testing The objective of this course is to give theoretical & hands on experience in testing,web based systems, APIs, webservices, mobile apps & network testing. 690.00
Test Automation Framework Implementation Includes the hands on training on Test Automation Framework Implementation covering Linux, Selenium, Codeception, Jenkins and Liquibase Tools. After this course you will be able to set up end to end Automation framework for your projects 2000.00

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