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GetSkills Courses helped me get my First job in NZ

I migrated to New Zealand with good IT experience in hand, but when i came here i realized that NZ IT market is altogether a different ball game. To start my IT career here, I needed to upgrade my skills according to the specialized demand here. I explored multiple training institutes but Getskills offered me perfect combination of courses, skills and advise that heped me build my skills and clear my ISTQB certificatiion. Result was that i was able to crack my first job within days of completing my ISTQB certification. I would say the GetSkills team were a great support to me in shaping my career.Regards, Jaswinder Singh

Learning Trace

Course Name Description Price
ISTQB Software Testing Fundamentals 230.00
ISTQB Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle 230.00
ISTQB Test Design Techniques 230.00
ISTQB Test Management 230.00
ISTQB Tool Support for Testing 230.00
Practical Testing The objective of this course is to give theoretical & hands on experience in testing,web based systems, APIs, webservices, mobile apps & network testing. 690.00

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