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Journey of an Engineer from being a full time Mum to a full time permanent employee in a new country

A software engineer by profession with rich experience in companies like Intel, Nokia, Samsung, arrived in New Zealand and took a break from career to enjoy motherhood and give time to the new born son. Starting again with my career was the hard bit after that as I needed some New Zealand experience and some new testing skills also in the frequently changing tech world. Getskills gave me the platform to not only learn new testing tools, methodologies and framework but also an opportunity to implement the same in some of the best companies in New Zealand like Chelmer, Pumpkin Patch. This hands on experience helped me understand the New Zealand Market requirements, improve my skills & resume. Above all, GetSkills gave me the confidence to take again a full time opportunity. And as expected, just in few months time I had a full time permanent job in testing domain.I would strongly recommend GetSkills to anyone (especially to new Mums) who are looking to improve their skills or start (/restart) a career in testing domain. GetSkills capability to help with testing certifications and provide hands on experience in latest testing tools with NZ employers, will certainly boost a person's potential for their respective dream job. Best Wishes Smrati

Learning Trace

Course Name Description Price
Practical Testing The objective of this course is to give theoretical & hands on experience in testing,web based systems, APIs, webservices, mobile apps & network testing. 690.00
Test Automation Framework Implementation Includes the hands on training on Test Automation Framework Implementation covering Linux, Selenium, Codeception, Jenkins and Liquibase Tools. After this course you will be able to set up end to end Automation framework for your projects 2000.00

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