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GetSkills course participant who is currently working in Wellington as Junior Test Analyst to continue developing IT skills

I would like to share my story for people who is on the track of stepping into IT field.I have joined the GetSkills courses in mid 2013 in Auckland. The first time I joined the courses I was surrounded with people with different background which varies from IT expert to others who was looking for starting IT career. My course was mainly focused on software testing which was quite new subject and it was based on ISTQB (International Standard Testing Qualification Board) curriculum. The main focus was to learn the basic foundation about Software testing which is relevant to current IT market and get official software testing certification. It was a great experience and I had a great pleasure meeting with people to share the knowledge and continue to develop my IT skills.I was lucky enough to gain the certification through second attempts and shortly after I was recruited and currently on training as Junior Test Analyst from Ministry of Health in Wellington.My senior tester (and Mentor) who was in this industry for more than 10 years showed the cases of unsuccessful projects which resulted in losing huge amount of budget and time. And all this is caused by proceeding the project without the proper test.Generally, In order to release the final product into live environment four processes is taken by these people (under the instruction of Project manager)Business Analyst: They Analyse what the requirement is and what is need to be done.Developer: They develop the protocol of the product.Test Analyst: They test the product in test environment (to find out the any defect) System Administrator: They deploy the Product into live environment.The project would fail without the work done by these people and it demonstrate how important The software testing is to make sure the final outcome would be successful.In current market the importance of Software Testing is continue to grow and I highly recommend Getskills courses which would be a great opportunity for everyone to learn and to step into IT field as Software Tester.

Learning Trace

Course Name Description Price
ISTQB Software Testing Fundamentals 230.00
ISTQB Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle 230.00
ISTQB Static Techniques in the Test Process 230.00
ISTQB Test Design Techniques 230.00
ISTQB Test Management 230.00
ISTQB Tool Support for Testing 230.00
Practical Testing The objective of this course is to give theoretical & hands on experience in testing,web based systems, APIs, webservices, mobile apps & network testing. 690.00

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